Over 100 Bolivian Cities Affected by La Niña Rains

Over 100 Bolivian Cities Affected by La Niña RainsLa Paz, Mar 8. -The Federation of Municipal Associations of Bolivia (FAM) confirmed on Monday that 102 of the country´s 337 municipalities have been affected by torrential rains associated with the La Niña phenomenon.

According to reports, 76 municipalities in nine departments, above all Cochabamba, Beni and North La Paz, have been the zones most affected by rain and flooding. Meanwhile, hailstorms destroyed crops in 19 municipalities, mostly Chuquisaca.

Landslides and building collapses occurred in four other municipalities as a consequence of torrential rains: in Colomi (Cochabamba), San Jose de Chiquitos (Santa Cruz), Coroico (La Paz) and the seat of government.

Defense Minister Ruben Saavedra stated that the number of families affected by the La Niña rain and floods totalled 14,156 nationwide. (Prensa Latina)