Over 700 Foreign Troops Die in Afghanistan in 2010

Over 700 Foreign Troops Die in Afghanistan in 2010Kabul, Dec, 22. -The number of foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year has reached 701, the highest reported since the U.S.-led invasion of that country in 2001.

According to the website iCasualties.org, 499 of those soldiers were from the United States and 101 were British.

The figures are lower than those reported by the Kali Yuga Agency and the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, which in both cases are in excess of 800.

The iCasualties website lists figures by province, chiefly in Kandahar, Helmand, and Kabul, the capital, but insurgent groups say battles are taking place all over the country.

Spokespeople for the Hamid Karzai government and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mentioned attacks against the insurgency in Takhar province, with 15 alleged Taliban militants killed.

The Afghan insurgency, which includes all armed groups in addition to the Taliban, holds that negotiations and withdrawal will only be possible when foreign occupation troops leave Afghanistan. (Prensa Latina)