Commercialization of Cuban Honey Is Satisfactory

Havana, Apr 29 .- Martha Casanova, commercial director of the Cuban Apicultural Company, said that exports of bee honey and its byproducts are satisfactory.


Casanova noted that the plan for honey production at the end of the first quarter of 2019 reached 108 percent, from 2,267.7 tons planned to 2,470.4 tons.

Compared to the same period in 2018, these figures show a growth of 292.5 tons, while the 2019 plan is 9,348 tons.

The other productions from beehives are fulfilled, as is the case of bee wax at 161 percent, propolis at 176.7, and 1,355 kilograms of pollen, she said.

Honey exports were fulfilled at 143.8 percent, from a plan of 1,754.6 tons to 2,522.2 tons, accounting for an increase of 1,000 tons compared to 2018.

The plan for 2019 is 6,700 tons that are worth 17.9. million dollars.

In terms of domestic sales, of a plan of 124 tons for the quarter, 127 were sold, accounting for 102 percent of fulfillment, while the 2019 plan is 485 tons that are worth 1.212 million dollars.

The expert noted that 88 percent of Cuban bee honey is exported and the rest is goes to the tourism sector and the pharmaceutical industry. (Prensa Latina)