Film on Terrorism against Cuba to Be Premiered in Film Festival

Film on Terrorism against Cuba to Be Premiered in Film FestivalHavana, Nov 29. -A film about terrorism against Cuba, produced and directed by U.S. academic Saul Landau will be presented at the 32nd Latinamerican Film Festival, which begins on December 2.

This feature-documentary, entitled "Will the Real Terrorist please stand up" is one of the 515 films competing in this event and will be released in the cinema Charles Chaplin on December 11.

The Web site Cubadebate reports that the film summarizes 50 years of terrorism against the island and presents the case of five Cubans who tried to prevent subversive activities against their country and remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States since 12 years ago.

The film, in which the Cuban documentary filmmaker Roberto Chile participates, was filmed in Miami, Washington and Havana and contains pictures and valuable historical documents.

The film also contains interviews with Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Jose Basulto and other terrorists, walking freely in Miami, protected by the U.S. government.

Writer, journalist, documentary filmmaker and academician, Landau has received Emmy, George Polk, First Amendment, Letelier-Moffitt and Bernard Oi Higgins awards. (Prensa lLatina)