Alarm in Managua with Xolotlan Lake Floods

Alarm in Managua with Xolotlan Lake FloodsManagua, Oct 8. -The historic raise of Xolotlan Lake 42.72 meters above sea level rang the alarm for Nicaraguan authorities while President Daniel Ortega ordered state and social organizations to ready for all possible scenarios and hope for the best.

Police Public Safety Director Francisco Díaz said all forces were summoned to prevent further disaster with the unprecedented event, for Xolotlan Lake -one of the largest in Central America- raised four meters above pre-rain season levels, resulting in numerous floods, 68 deaths and some 10,000 victims.

To make things worst, the lake keeps raising, covering streets and housings, and ruining agribusiness in Tipitapa municipality, suburban Managua, extending from its early location well far from the North Pan-American Highway to Km 20 intersection on the International Highway.

Official reports said 6,907 evacuees fled to 16 shelters, turning entire neighborhoods into ghost towns with the lake now covers an area beyond the horizon, while State Social Communications Council Coordinator Rosario Murillo predicted new evacuations and demand for shelters exceed their capacity.

President Ortega announced massive displacements since The Xolotlan may take years to recede to pre-catastrophe levels and several lagoons around Managua overflowed as well so many are closed to visitors to prevent accidents as life protection and safety cap state priorities. (Prensa Latina)