Santa Cruz del Sur Fishing Industry plans to capture 190 tons of shrimp

Ten boats make up the fleet in charge of the shrimp’s capture in Santa Cruz del Sur during the current crustacean season, which began few days ago, and where the capture plan reaches the 190 tons. Five boats from this territory and five from Florida Municipality assume this task, and it a great manifestation of the species is expected, according to researches by the specialists of the Southern Industrial Fishing Enterprise

Some 135 tons were captured in the previous season between the two territories making up the local entity. There is a better technical condition for boats in this period. Said Osmani Barreiro Consuegra Manager of EPISUR.

According to Osmani Barreiro Consuegra this company stores a greater motivation by the fishermen, which predicts the fulfilment of the plans made. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)