Salvadoran President To Arrive in Cuba

Salvadoran President To Arrive in CubaHavana, Oct 4. -Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes will arrive in Cuba on Monday for an official visit.

Funes will meet with President Raul Castro, and will carry out other activities, according to the Granma newspaper.

Cuba and El Salvador established diplomatic relations on November 11, 1902, but these ties were broken off on March 1, 1961 by decision of El Salvador.

When the Farabundo Martí National Front (FMLN) came to power, bilateral relations were restored on June 1, 2009.

At present, nearly 1,004 Salvadorans are studying in Cuba, and 960 of them are carrying out medical studies in different fields.

During the 64th session of the UN National Assembly, El Salvador voted in favor of Cuba's resolution against the economic, financial and trade US blockade. (Prensa Latina)