Extraordinary and Urgent Summit of UNASUR in Argentina

Extraordinary and Urgent Summit of UNASUR in Argentina Buenos Aires, Sep 30. -The presidents of the member countries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) are arriving in Buenos Aires to assess in an urgent and extraordinary summit the situation in Ecuador created by the mutiny of the police.

The information was released bu the Argentinean Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship Héctor Timerman, who predicted that in the meeting the total repudiation of the uprising against President Rafael Correa will be expressed.

Sources of the Foreign Ministry stated that the dignitaries will be arriving after 22:00 (local time) to meet at the San Martin Palace, headquarters of the Foreign Ministry.

In an official statement the Argentinean government condemns these destabilizing actions and supports the constitutional government of President Rafael Correa.

It emphasizes that Latin America does not accept "further attacks on democracy and attempts to circumvent the popular will manifested in the polls" and confirms the willingness of Argentina to defend democracy and human rights.

Rafael Correa personally tackled the protestors at Quito's main police garrison and was attacked with tear gas.

As a result, his recently operated knee was injured, so he was admitted to the Metropolitan Police Hospital, where he's been sequestered and from where he reiterated that he will not surrender and called on the people to defend the Citizens Revolution. (Prensa Latina)