Putin Considers End of Economic Crisis by 2011

Putin Considers End of Economic Crisis by 2011  Moscow, May 25. -Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin considered that the country will completely end the economic crisis in three years during the preparation of the budget for the period of 2011 to 2013.

During a meeting in the residence of Novo-Ogariovo, in the outskirts of the capital, Putin discussed with the cabinet scenarios of development in Russia for that period during which a better balance of payments must be sought, he stated.

It would be necessary, he explained, to seek a balance between prices paid by the population for electricity, energy, communal services and others and the interests of the "natural monopolies" linked to these spheres.

The plans analyzed at this time must correspond to a post-crisis era although conservative measurements based on the budget would allow its use in all possible situation, he emphasized.

Putin added, however, that inflation must be less 5 percent in the near future.

Only last March a rise in food prices was registered after several months of inflation very close to zero, reported the local press.(Prensa Latina)