Zero tolerance to gender violence ratified in Cuba

Havana, Dec 15.- The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) ratified that faced with gender violence cases, no tolerance exists or will exist, and it called to be attentive to this kind of aggression.

In a message posted on its Twitter account and several media in the country, the women’s organization acknowledged that many legal instruments in force in Cuba allow to face this scourge.

Regarding recent complaints in social media related to gender violence cases, the FMC note stated that these painful stories show “the hairy face of machismo and confirm it.”

The victims and the Cuban justice system must channel the legal process with sufficient evidence until the truth of such unfortunate events is found, the text noted.

The document also summarized the State’s political will to confront violence against women in all its scope, ratified in the Constitution of the Republic, the National Program for the Advancement of Women, and the Integral Strategy for Prevention and Attention to Gender Violence and in the Family Scenario.

However, Cuba is not exempt from this phenomenon, despite all legal, educational and social efforts to eradicate it definitively.

(Prensa Latina)