Worldwide poetry present in virtual festival in Havana

Havana, May 26.- Over 500 participants from 54 countries are currently taking part in the Virtual Poetry Meeting arranged by the Havana International Poetry Festival, which includes poetry readings, recitals and forums.


Havana and the whole country, in a formidable flowering of words and songs, awaits the poets of the world who, as always, raise their voices in solidarity, poet and general coordinator Alex Pausides told Prensa Latina.

In her opening remarks, the National Literature Prize winner, Nancy Morejon, paid tribute to George Floyd, an Afro-American victim of police discrimination with the reading of her work ‘Black Prince.’

From China, a dozen co-participants confirmed their presence, led by Tibetan poet Jidi Majia, a world reference of the genre and precursor of high-profile literary events as co-chair of the Writers’ Association.

From India, the artist Reshma Ramesh, represents the great poets born in Calcutta, homeland of the national poet Rabindranath Tagore, the writer noted.

University professor and Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Hass heads a large delegation of intellectuals and academics from the United States.

According to the director of ‘Proyecto Cultural Sur,’ Latin America stands out for the voices of noteworthy intellectuals such as Argentina’s Daniel Freidemberg, Mexico’s Eduardo Langagne and Peru’s Hildebrando Perez, the latter winners of the Casa de las Americas Prize. (Prensa Latina)