[:es]Witness of 1932 Hurricane in Santa Cruz del Sur tells about it[:]

[:es]Darkness covered the sky. One of the sons of Mesa Viamontes family was warm in the cradle. He was one year old and still breast-fed. Five brothers and four sisters lived with their parents in a high stilt house, in the neighborhood called El Delirio.

The village was built near seashore but it grew up to La Playa town. The railway line was on one side. “Our home was 500 meters far from the seashore”, said Rolando MesaViamontes.

“The wind was strong, it was cold and raining too much. My parents decided to leave home, they were afraid to lose life and children.”

Wilfredo, the elder son, took the baby on his arms. They walked threatened by the adverse climate conditions. “My father told, when I grew up, he didn’t know how I survived to that experience.He tickled my feet and I didn’t move, he thought the worst had happened. Thanks God, he kept snuggled up with me”, Rolando added.

Everybody went to the priest’s country house, it was situated where the hospital is nowadays. “My family walked a kilometer to get there. We were lucky to find a hovel to stay but the wind got the roof off. As it fall down near, we took cover below untill calm.”

Mesa Viamontes family joined 400 more people at Ruiz dairy. This family feed all those persons by their own expenses several days. Survivors found thousand of dead people when they went out the place of refuge.”My mother lost two sisters named Luz and Paula”

“The innocence of a child didn’t let me know the trascendence of the terrible event. I’m a surviver of 1932 Hurricane”, he finished. (Translated by Yaima Báez)