Volunteers who received placebo to be vaccinated in June

Havana, May 25.- People who were given a placebo during phase III of clinical trial on the Cuban vaccine candidates will receive the first dose of Soberana 02, from June 7 to 11, the Finlay Vaccines Institute said.


It is a commitment to them, since they were very useful to compare and study the effectiveness of the vaccine candidate, the director of Clinical Research at the aforementioned institution, Meiby de la Caridad Rodriguez, explained on television.

‘Placebos’ are of great importance for science, Rodriguez noted, adding that those who received two doses of Soberana 02, as part of a scheme conceived by the researchers, will be administered the third dose from June 14 to 18.

Working with those volunteers facilitated to see the effects of the vaccine candidate in two doses, while demonstrating the importance of administering a third one to achieve greater immunization of the population.

It was proven that a person can catch the coronavirus, but not get worse or die from Covid-19, the specialist highlighted, recalling that during the clinical trial three administration variants were used: placebo, two and three doses of the vaccine candidate.

The Soberana 02 vaccine candidate proved to be a safe injectable medication, and the elderly will have more benefits than risks with this immunizer, Rodriguez assured, clarifying that citizens with tattoos on their arms will have no problems to be immunized. (Prensa Latina)