[:es]UN Highlights Cuban Rural Women Rights[:]


United Nations, Mar 19 .-The conditions of Cuban rural women are far from the reality that prevails in the world and are a central issue of the debates of the Commission on the Status of Women.


This was said to Prensa Latina by the deputy to the National Assembly of Cuba, Yaneidis Perez, who is part of the Cuban delegation that attends such forum at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

In different panels I have often heard the same requests: access to water, equal pay for women and men, possibilities for a decent job … For Cuban women, those demands are already won, she assured.

In her opinion, representing Cuban women in the UN turns out a great responsibility and also a satisfaction ‘because it allows me to expose the achievements in all areas of social, economic, political and social life’.

Over 20,000 rural women in Cuba own their land and have the same opportunities and possibilities as men, stressed the deputy, who also owns their agricultural land in the eastern province of Las Tunas.

Perez also highlighted the political will of the government and the work of organizations such as the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

Every day we build the culture of gender equality, although we still have much more to do in the home and in families, she deemed. (Prensa Latina)