Türkiye praises Cuba’s medical brigade works after deadly earthquakes

Ankara, Feb 25.- Türkiye press on Saturday heaped praise on Cuba’s Henry Reeve medical brigade work done in the province of Kahramanmaras, epicenter of two recent life-threatening earthquakes, with a death toll of over 44,200 people.
“Being thousands of kilometers away from the epicenter of the earthquakes was not an obstacle at all to provide a voluntary medical service to the victims,” Anadolu Agency reported.

The 32-doctor team has been working since its arrival in the Kahramanmaras province on February 12, six days after the devastating earthquakes that hit southern Turkey, the agency noted.

According to the press, Dr. Juan Carlos Dupuy Nuñez, head of the Cuban medical brigade, stated this group is made up of 28 doctors and nurses of different specialties.

We started treating patients in our ICUs on the first day upon arrival. All these people were victims of the earthquakes directly or indirectly, he explained.

The Cuban medical team treated mostly people with orthopedic complications and children with respiratory issues, Nuñez told Anadolu agency.

We treated people aged over 100 with diabetes, whose health condition worsened after the earthquakes. We managed to stabilize them and save their lives, he said.

Cuban and Türkiye orthopedic surgeons operated and treated patients suffering from traumas, he assured.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)