Initiative for Cuba and against imperialism launched in Europe

Paris, Jan 29.- The Europe for Cuba YouTube channel on Sunday called on solidarity organizations to join a worldwide tsunami of actions to support the Caribbean island and the peoples attacked by US imperialism.
On the streets and social media, according to the initiatives and conditions of each place and each association, the aim is to hold events in a staggered manner, in the form of a tsunami of solidarity, the platform founded in October 2020 stressed. The first international solidarity meeting with Cuba, which became a forum of support for the peoples who face attacks to choose their path, culminated in the Spanish city of Seville on Saturday.

The YouTube channel stated in the final declaration of the event that the details and dates will be coordinated in the coming weeks.

More than 70 associations from Europe and the Americas participated in the meeting, which condemned Washington’s economic, commercial, and financial blockade against Cuba and ratified the work done by the Caribbean nation to defend its sovereignty.

They also framed the tsunami of actions in defense of the peoples in tune with Jose Marti’s anti-imperialist thinking on his 170th birthday on January 28.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)