The 2020 Budget guarantees Cuban social policies

Havana, Dec 19.- The draft Budget of Cuba for next year guarantees the social policies achieved by the Revolution on healthcare, education, sport, culture and social security, asserted Deputy Minister of Finance and Prices Lourdes Rodriguez.


‘Our budget has a social character because the priority in the allocation of resources is to ensure the basic services of the population,’ the official expressed in a speech before a National Assembly standing committee.

We are also following the increase in salaries in the budgeted sector, which, in 2019, benefited 1.4 million workers, and pensions, she pointed out.

Rodriguez stated that the forecasts are for income growth of 11.5 percent.

The deputy minister explained that tax revenues will represent 74 percent of total income, which, she noted, confirms progress in the country’s tax system.

In that sense, she called to foster a tax culture in the population, strengthen controls and strictly abide by the monthly contributions of economic actors.

She highlighted that 13 percent of the total planned income will be generated by the non-state managed sector.

Of that number, half are funds provided by self-employed workers, 17 percent comes from non-agricultural cooperatives, and 33 percent from other management forms, she said. (Latin Press)