Silica sand processed in Cuba for metal industry

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Dec 21.-The silica sand beneficiation plant, of the central province of Sancti Spiritus, resumes today its industrial production process mainly destined for the Cuban metal industry.


Milexys Mursulli, director of this enterprise associated to the Geomining Enterprise of the Center, located in Casilda, Trinidad, told the press that in spite of not being in operation for six months due to capital repairs, the plant will process about 5,000 tons of the mineral this year.

The finished product, also known as industrial sand, especific for metal foundries, is allocated to enterprises such as the Moa Nickel Industry, Holguin; the Mechanical Plant of Villa Clara; Azumat Logistic Enterprise; and the Las Tunas and Sancti Spiritus Construction Materials Enterprises.

There are three processing plants in the country: in Guanes, Pinar del Rio; Buenavista, Isle of Youth; and that of Casilda.

The latter is the only one that belongs to the mining sector and can process between 90 to 100 tons per day.

This type of mineral is used in the manufacture of casts for metal foundries and for the preparation of mortar for resistant concrete.

According to the technical terminology, silica sand is a compound resulting from the combination of silica and oxygen. (Latin Press)