SILAE 2019 will Show Advances in Natural Medicine Worldwide

Havana, Sep 6.- The 28th International Congress of the Italian-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine will show the development of natural products in Cuba and the rest of the world, said Rodolfo Arencibia, Master in Science.


According to the expert in a press conference, representatives of over 30 countries confirmed their presence in Silae 2019, which will take place in this capital from September 16 to 20.

The event, to take place in the Havana Convention Center, will host some 300 foreign delegates and an equal number from Cuban participants, said the President of the National Technical Group of Medicinal Plants and the organizing committee.

As part of the collateral activities, the Congress will host the 21st meeting of Agrotechnologies, Processing and Marketing of Medicinal Plants in Cuba; the Fifth Meeting on Species of Interest: Present and Future and the International Conference on development and technological innovation for the use of natural substances at the service of health, while respecting the environment.

Also, there will be an exhibition associated with more than 30 stands of scientific institutions dedicated to the development of natural products, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, BioCubaFarma and the Sierra Maestra Science, Technology and Innovation entity, among others.

In this scenario, there will also be the presentation of books and support materials for programs and projects, presentation of sustainable technologies, new products, and various activities aimed at building a healthier society.

‘Silae 2019 includes the agricultural part, the scientific evidence, and those who apply and market Natural and Traditional Medicine,’ said the specialist.

The international meeting will pay tribute to the late Enrique Otero Fernández, better known as Gallego Otero, who was a popular doctor who worked green medicine, a family tradition currently in force at his farm located in the mountain range of Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos Province.

Created 28 years ago between Italy and Ecuador, the Silae is present today in more than a hundred countries, with more than six thousand members of five continents.

In its 500th Anniversary, Havana hosts this Congress, while maintaining and preserving the tradition in the cultivation, marketing and popular consumption of medicinal plants, through vendors in the neighborhoods and planting in the courtyards of the houses.