Raul Castro affirms that Cuba will defend its sovereignty

Havana, Apr 17.- Cuba will remain alert and ready to protect its sovereignty, assured here the First Secretary of the Communist Party (PCC), Army General Raul Castro, to the 8th Congress of that organization.


We have to remain alert, protect our country and the sovereign right to exist for which generations of Cubans have sacrificed, he affirmed in reference to aggressions and threats against Cuba and others in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The leader recalled that five years ago, at the 7th Congress of the PCC, he warned of a counter-offensive against progressive processes in the region, fueled by members of the Trump administration and the anti-Cuban counterrevolution associated with terrorism and corruption, he said.

They never disguised their commitment to the Monroe Doctrine, they resorted to methods of unconventional warfare and very dangerous destabilizing operations, he said in his main briefing to Congress.

Raul Castro criticized that such moves disregarded the sovereign rights of the nations of the hemisphere and dangerously threatened peace and security in the hemisphere.

Meanwhile, he denounced ‘several governments’ of the region that tried to dismiss the declaration proclaiming Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace, which was agreed in Havana, January 2014, during the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Raul Castro referred to the use of lies and infamy to justify coercive measures against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, in an effort to overthrow their constitutional governments and at great cost to those peoples.  (Prensa Latina)