New Decree-Law for Independent Audiovisual Creators in Cuba

Havana, June 28.- The Cuban Official Gazette has published a new decree law recognizing and regulating the independent audiovisual and cinematographic creator’s work.

According to the President of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), Ramon Samada, this new decree-law passed by the Council of State on March 25 is marked by an extraordinary significance since it encourages cinematographic and audiovisual creation in Cuba.

The decree-law published this Thursday in the Ordinary Official Gazette No. 43 becomes the cinematographic and audiovisual creator an economic being with the possibility of being contracted and hiring Cuban and foreign legal natural persons to carry out their work.

At the same time, it allows the creator to open current accounts, by investing with legal representation, recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, all Central State Bodies, mainly, the Central Bank of Cuba.

As stated by Samada in a press conference, this decree-law sets out the Independent Cinematographic Audiovisual Creator Registry, by formalizing the capacity granted by the Cuban State.

Thereinto, creators who usually work for television audiovisuals and those who work for the cinema will be treated equally.

The Central Bank of Cuba, on the other hand, will permit creators to use their own bank accounts as an entity, with no need to do so on a personal basis.

Three new self-employment figures were passed as well: technological equipment operator and lessor, casting director or casting agent, and production assistants. (Prensa Latina)