Lawmakers from Cuba and Mexico seek to deepen ties

Havana, Apr 2.- Legislators from Cuba and Mexico expressed their will to deepen inter-parliamentary ties and strengthen cooperation in all areas.


When inaugurating the 17th Binational Inter-parliamentary Meeting, at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, National People’s Power (Parliament) President Esteban Lazo highlighted the friendship that unites both legislative bodies, governments and peoples, which he described as endearing.

Lazo, who is also the head of the Council of State, pointed out that this is the first of a series of contacts to be made in the months of April and May, prior to the visit of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to the island.

He noted that the two countries maintain a high level of political dialogue, and expressed the Cubans’ gratitude to the Mexican people and government for their humanitarian assistance in the most complex moments of confrontation against Covid-19, amid the upsurge of the US blockade.


For his part, Senator Higinio Martinez, who heads the Mexican delegation, highlighted the ties of brotherhood and cooperation in various fields, to which is added a strong shared pro-independence and anti-imperialist vocation, and thanked Cuban doctors for their contribution to the fight against the pandemic in several regions of his country.

Martinez stated that this meeting will strengthen and expand collaboration between the two nations.


At the 17th Inter-parliamentary Meeting, which will be held until Saturday, four panels will debate economic relations, healthcare collaboration, multilateral cooperation and educational, cultural and sports ties.

The two legislatures agreed in 1996 to hold these meetings to propose initiatives, seek solutions to common problems and draw cooperation strategies.

(Prensa Latina)