Italy’s Defense Minister thanks Cuba for solidarity aid

Rome, May 26.- Italy’s Defense Minister Lorenzo Güerini thanked on Monday Cuba and its healthcare collaborators for the aid provided in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the city of Crema.


On speaking at the closing ceremony of the field hospital built by the Italian army where the 52 members of Cuban medical brigade worked alongside their local colleagues, Güerini acknowledged that ‘they helped the city of Crema at the most difficult time in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.’

‘Our deepest gratitude goes to them and to Cuba for showing a solid friendship and for the great solidarity with Italy at this difficult time and evidence for the entire community,’ stressed the minister, who at the end of the activity exchanged greetings with Cuba’s ambassador in Italy Jose Carlos Rodriguez.

Both Güerini and the rest of the local and regional authorities present stood out the role played by the Italian army in the construction and management of the hospital, equipped with optimal conditions to fulfill its mission of supporting the healthcare service at crucial moments of the emergency.

The 36 doctors, 15 nurses and a logistics specialist sent by Cuba were bid farewell with innumerable expressions of appreciation and affection, summed in an emotional ceremony carried out in the central Plaza del Duomo in the northern city of the Lombardy region.

Over 5,000 medical services, 3, 668 nurses and 210 direct recoveries, guarantee the contribution of Cuban healthcare professionals in the campaign structure, in the local hospital and in a care institution for older adults with diseases triggered by Covid-19. (Prensa Latina)