India to Host Photo Exhibition about Fidel Castro

New Delhi, Nov 24. -A photo exhibition about the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, which shows his role in Cuba””s foreign policy, as well as his relationship with India, will be held in New Delhi.
More than 100 images on 14 banners will show part of Fidel Castro’s revolutionary actions from the period prior to the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 to the present. The photos are grouped by decades.

More than 110 photographs, which will be exhibited to Indian public from December 5 in halls of the International Center, in this capital, will show Fidel Castro’s leading role and the essential features of Cuba’s foreign policy.

Several snapshots of other Cuban leaders related to India, such as former President Raul Castro and current President Miguel Diaz-Canel, during his visit to India in 2015 as Cuba’s first vice president, are also included in the exhibition.

In addition, the exhibition will show photos taken during Indian President’s Ram Nath Kovind, who traveled to Havana this year to meet with Diaz-Canel and sign several agreements, as well as to pay tribute to Fidel Castro at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, in Santiago de Cuba.

The photo exhibition, organized by the Cuban Embassy in India, is intended to pay tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on the second anniversary of his death, and a ceremony will be also be held in New Delhi to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Cuban Ambassador Oscar Martinez Cordoves told Prensa Latina.(Prensa Latina)