Healthcare companies send aid to Cuba from Lombardy, Italy

Rome, Aug 10.- A donation of medical materials coordinated by the youth section of the Italian Association of Private Hospitality (AIOP) of the Lombardy region was shipped to Cuba to aid fighting Covid-19.


The regional vice president of the AIOP representation and president of the organization at the national level, Michele Nicchio, said in a statement that on August 23 another shipment will leave for Cuba, with logistic support from the international freight company Vector and Neos airline.

The executive recalled the presence of Cuban healthcare collaborators in Lombardy to fight Covid-19 in 2020, in one of the areas of the country most affected by the novel coronavirus.

No one, the leader pointed out, will ever forget the three months in which Cuban healthcare professionals had been at our side to fight the pandemic in its hardest peak.

In that sense, he stood out that with the donation coordinated by the youngsters of the regional AIOP and the contribution of the business groups of San Donato, Gheron and Mantova Salus, ‘we try to restore a little the generosity that the Cuban people showed by sending us their doctors and nurses.’

Cuba fought Covid-19 very well last year, but now it is having difficulties, especially due to the lack of medical supplies, noted Nicchio, who pointed out that ‘this is the origin of our gesture, logistically supported by Neos Air and Vector.’

(Prensa Latina)