Havana postpones opening international flights

Havana, Oct 14.- In the new package of measures adopted in Havana as part of the plan of action to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the ban on regular international flights is maintained.


The news was released on Monday during the meeting of the Provincial Defense Council of Havana, where the highest authorities of the territory referred to the measures corresponding to the Phase III of Covid-19 recovery, in which the city has been since October 12.

According to the Tribuna de La Habana local newspaper, the plan of action includes indications that will not be applied right away, unlike others of a more immediate nature.

Among the first measures that are being postponed until October 19 is the operation of terminals for interprovincial transportation, while the railway stations will provide services from October 24 with a frequency of four days.

The school year will begin on November 2 in the city and orphan children living in State orphanages will be kept in those facilities.

The announced measures also include the opening of gyms that are outdoors, but the Music Houses and party rooms in cultural centers are still closed. (Prensa Latina)