Film on Dancer Carlos Acosta Captivates Moviegoers in Cuba

Havana, Dec 10 .- The script helped the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta escape from reality and return to his childhood, family and hometown, as reflected in a film whose screening on Sunday generates crowds of anxious moviegoers.


It is the film Yuli, whose first screening in Cuba two days ago left a lot of audience out of the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, a typical scene during the International Festivals of the New Latin American Cinema when the program of the event announces a recognized film.

Judging by criticisms, the new feature film by the Spanish director Iciar Bollain ranks among the greatest productions of the year in the world. British playwright Paul Laverty won the award to the script at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain with this movie.

For this particular film, Laverty was based on the dancer’s autobiographical book ‘No Way Home’, although the film mainly focuses on the relationship between a father and a son.

According to Santiago Alfonso, the film is a great tribute to his character, Pedro Acosta, the humble descendant of slaves who insisted on turning his son into a top-rated dancer.

Talent is important but discipline becomes fundamental in this profession and that is a teaching from our professors: Ramiro Guerra and Fernando Alonso, the 2006 National Dance Award winner said at a news conference.

Alfonso, a dancer by profession and a musical director of shows, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to make movies and the advice to undertake this challenge at almost 80 years of age, to the director, screenwriter and colleagues Laura Uz, Yerlin Perez and Andrea Doimeadios. (Prensa Latina)