Diaz-Canel mourns death of pro-Cuba activist’s daughter

Havana, May 9.- President Miguel Díaz-Canel this Monday mourned the death of the daughter of activist Carlos Lazo, who promotes the project “Bridges of Love” as a way to fight the US economic blockade against Cuba.
On his Twitter account, the Cuban president sent a message of support to the Cuban-American citizen, expressing his affection and that of those who admire his work.

“Sorrowful news death of Professor Carlos Lazo’s daughter. Parents would never be prepared for such a blow. We send you a big hug, feel the affection of the Cuban people in this difficult hour,” Díaz-Canel tweeted.

Lazo announced the death of his eldest daughter, Jessica Lazo, on his Facebook profile Sunday” due to a tragic traffic accident.”

Carlos Lazo leads the Bridges of Love project, which advocates for normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba and implementing activities against the economic blockade and the entire system of coercive measures applied by Washington, affecting by this the livelihood of the Cuban people.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)