Diaz-Canel acknowledges sciences contributions to fight Covid-19

Havana, May 20.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday recognized the science contribution impacts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.


During a visit to scientific centers in Havana, where several projects are being carried out to fight the pandemic, Miguel Diaz-Canel met with scientists who are working on the manufacturing of therapeutic drugs and preventive vaccines.

At the Cuban Neuroscience Center, Miguel Diaz-Canel congratulated them for the impact of several products such as CIGB 258 and an antibody that allows the survival of critically ill and seriously ill patients, local television aired.

Diaz-Canel said the validity of what is being discussed weekly with scientists and the group of experts has been proved in the last days. He was referring to the fact that there have been no deaths for six consecutive days in Cuba. The Cuban president also highlighted the reduced number of patients in critical and severe conditions, as well as the improvement of some who were in such condition. This is the result of applied clinical trials and research, he said.

Diaz-Canel urged to continue working on vaccine projects so as to prevent the new coronavirus disease, about which he was explained in details. (Prensa Latina)