Cuba’s advances in education highlighted in Djibouti

Djibouti, Jan 28.- Vice Minister of Education Dania Lopez described Cuba’s progress in that sector, on her speech on the first day of the 3rd International Summit on Balanced and Inclusive Education that ends on Wednesday.


Lopez attributed the Cuban successes to the political will of the State and Government to include education as one of the Revolution’s priorities, allocating 24 percent of its budget to this sensitive sector.

She also referred to Cuba’s efforts to enhance the average level of schooling that passed, first, from first to sixth grade and then to twelfth.

The vice minister recalled that Cuba fulfilled the common commitments made in Dakar by guaranteeing early childhood care at 99.5 percent and having coverage at elementary and middle school levels close to one hundred percent.

In her speech to the plenary with delegates from 35 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, Lopez highlighted the benefits of the education system with Special Education that provides attention ‘in different modalities and all contexts’ to children, adolescents and young people from zero to 18 years and as an exception until 21.

Lopez remarked in that sense that this assembly belongs to the group of those who ‘love and find, is an assembly of sculptors, builders, creators’.

This three-day forum, arranged by the Presidency of Djibouti and the ERF, gives continuity to the meetings held in Geneva (2017) and Mexico (2018). (Prensa Latina)