[:es]Cuban Lawmakers With Broad Agenda for Special Session[:]


Havana, Jun 1st .-Cuban lawmakers will carry out an intense agenda since Saturday, June 2, during the Special Session of the National People’s Power Assembly, with the Constitutional Reform among the main issues to debate, the parliament reported.


The plenary session will be held at the Conference Center in this capital and lawmakers will approve the Constitutional Reform process and the commission in charge of drawing up and presenting the project.

The 10 permanent committees of the Assembly and the parliamentary Friendship groups will be established the same day.

Legislators will learn the same day about the Legislative Procedure, the powers and functioning of the National Assembly, the State Council and the permanent working commissions.

The results of the work in the 8th Legislature and the directives for the 2018-2023 period will be addressed on Monday, June 4, last day of sessions.

Information will be provided on the functions of the agencies of the Central State Administration and organizations related to the areas each commission attends.

The 9th Legislature of the Cuban Parliament, composed of 605 lawmakers, was established on April 18 for a five-year period, as established by the Constitution.(Prensa Latina)