National Mourning in Cuba to Honor Armed Forces Minister

Havana, Sep 5. -Cuba's Council of State declared national mourning from 08:00 local time Monday until 20:00 Tuesday, following the death of the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), Julio Casas RegueiroDuring the official mourning, the national flag will be at half mast in public and military buildings.

Casas Regueiro died of a heart attack Saturday, at 13:20 local time in Havana.

The member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the Council of State was born on February 16, 1939 in the eastern locality of Mayari Arriba.

He started his revolutionary activity when he was very young, and was under the orders of Commander Raul Castro during the fight for national independence.

In 1969 he was named FAR Vice Minister, and also served as chief of the Eastern Army, of the antiaircraft troops, acting minister for economic activity, first vice minister, and had been serving as FAR minister since 2008.

He held the titles of Hero of the Republic of Cuba and of the Playa Giron Order. (Prensa Latina)