Cuban Event Fosters Technologies Linked to Water Use

Havana, Mar 23 .- The International Convention, Cubagua 2019, which ends on Friday, fosters technologies and products associated with the management and use of water.


During the last day of activities, specialists from more than 16 countries continue discussing about the latest products and top technologies.

Along with this, they exchange knowledge, experiences and good practices in the water sector.

Climate change and water resources; supply, alternative sources, and water reuse, are also among the issues under discussion during the meeting.

As part of the Convention, a fair is held at Pabexpo Exhibition Center, where 747 products and technologies from 62 companies, from 14 countries, are being exhibited.

Italy, one of the most represented nations, is attending with several companies, among them IBC Resigum, which specializes in repair cycles and structural architectural remodeling of hydraulic works with innovative systems, to resist weather phenomena at large scale.

Tecofil International is the leader in projects, construction and installation of equipment and systems to treat primary, waste and muddy water; mainly from depurative processes of civil and industrial wastes.

Convention closing ceremony coincides with the World Water Day celebrated annually on March 22 as a mean to draw attention to the importance of fresh water.