[:es]Cuban Company Acosta Danza to Present Summer Season[:]


Havana, Aug 6 .-The company Acosta Danza has announced today it will present works by choreographers from the United Kingdom, Spain and Cuba during its Summer season, August 17-19, in this capital.

The Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso will offer its hall García Lorca to the group founded and directed by the prestigious dancer Carlos Acosta.

According to a company statement, the new schedule will include the works End of Time by English choreographer Ben Stevenson and Impronta by Spain’s María Rovira.

By decision of Acosta Danza, the piece De punta a cabo( From End to Finish), version on the original by Alexis Fernandez (Maca) will be restored, but on this occasion, it will feature video images made by the Cuban artist X Alfonso.

The audience attending these functions will be able to enjoy the world premiere of Satori, choreography by the young dancer Raul Reinoso, who was inspired by notions of Zen Buddhism to create a show about the search for spiritual enlightenment.

Satori has an original score composed by the Cuban musician Jose Gavilondo, costumes and decorations by the Curaçao designer Angelo Alberto and lights by the Italian artist Fabiana Piccioli.

Acosta Danza aims to offer integrative shows from the contemporary and the neoclassical, without discarding other expressions, times and styles of dance art.

The company intends to elaborate in full agreement with the most current notions developed in the world, not only in terms of the movement of the bodies but in everything related to the scene.

The group is defined as a space for renewal, research and experimentation for creators from all over the world, choreographers, musicians, designers, plastic and audiovisual artists. (Prensa Latina)