Cuba to Open Two New Pedagogical Schools

Havana, Aug 23 .-Cuba will open up two new pedagogical schools in the coming school year, which begins on September 2nd, reaching to 29 educator training campuses in the country.


First Vice Minister of Education Cira Piñeiro reported so to the radio station Radio Reloj that has a nationwide target audience.

The two pedagogical schools are ready to welcome students; one in Mayabeque, in the West; and the other in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

Piñeiro said that the new enrollment of this kind of teaching is over 9,500 youngsters, and in sum, there are over 30,000 students enrolled.

She commented that the specialties of pedagogical schools are educators of kindergartens, primary, special education and English for elementary, as well as secondary and technical and vocational education. (Prensa Latina)