[:es]Cuba present in International Forum on nickel industry in China[:]

[:es]Beijing, Nov 6.- Cuba will participate in an international forum on the nickel and cobalt industry that China organizes each year scheduled to start Monday November 6 through the 9th in the city of Guangzhou, Southern province of Guangdong.

Juan Ruíz Quintana, Director General of Mining of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, will represent the island with an analysis on the sector of his country.

The official told Prensa Latina he would talk about the present conditions of the national nickel industry, the perspectives of investment and geological research to discover new zones rich in these and other metals.

He added he will also present his book Añadió que también presentará su libro ‘Mining in Cuba, an approximation’, which expands culture on this issue and show the new generations the legacy of Commandant Rene Ramos Latour, a martyr of the Caribbean island.

The forium will gather over 600 experts of China and other nations with the aim of examining the latest development trends in the metal market.

According to the agenda, participanyts will have the opportunity to visit the enterprise Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (PL)[:]