[:es]Cuba Denounces at UN in Geneva Negative Effects of the US Blockade[:]


Geneva, Dec 6 .-Cuba denounced at the UN in Geneva the US blockade as the main obstacle facing the country for a broader cooperation in the field of biological activities, diplomatic sources informed.

When speaking at the meeting of the states parties to the Convention on Biological Weapons, the ambassador of the Caribbean nation, Pedro Luis Pedroso, said that this siege is the main obstacle to a broader and more effective international assistance in that area.

The diplomat advocated promoting international cooperation, without restrictions or unilateral and discriminatory limitations, for the economic and technological development of the states parties, particularly the developing countries.

According to a statement, Pedroso reaffirmed that the exchange or use of biological agents, materials, equipment, and information for peaceful purposes cannot be limited.

Therefore, he considered it necessary to reduce the growing gaps between developed and developing countries in the fields of biotechnology, genetic engineering, microbiology, and other related areas.

The ambassador also referred to the importance of adopting a mandate to restart, without further delay, the negotiations of a Protocol that would strengthen the Convention.(Prensa Latina)