Botswana Remembers Leader of Cuban Revolution

Gaborone, Aug 13 .-Several activities were celebrated this weekend in Botswana on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.


Members of the Cuban medical brigade serving in this Southern African nation, along with Gaborone government officials, graduates in Cuba and others studying medicine on the island and currently visiting their homes on vacation, as well as Cuban diplomats and other friends, gathered to climb the Kgale mountain, the highest point of this capital.

Leonel Suarez Fonseca, a member of the Cuban brigade in Botswana, offered a presentation on the use of the Heberprot P medicine, produced by Cuba, for the treatment of diabetic foot.

The conference was held at the clinic in Gaborone where Dr. Suarez Fonseca works.

The day also included a meeting of the medical brigade and members of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Botswana, headed by Ambassador Patricia Pego, with politician and writer Michael Dingake, a close and unconditional friend of Cuba and its Revolution.

Afterwards, Botswana students, students of the Latin American School of Medicine and those who graduated in Cuba held a meeting in Gaborone to exchange experiences.

There were also a roundtable discussion on the life of the Commander in Chief and a photo exhibition on the revolutionary leader at the Cuban Medical Brigade headquarters in Gaborone. (Prensa Latina)