Andy, Lucas duo to attend ‘Un Puente hacia la Habana’ Festival

Havana, Mar 7.- The Spanish duo Andy and Lucas will return to Cuba in April, invited to the 10th edition of the Festival ‘Un Puente Hacia La Habana’ (A Bridge to Havana), according to the Festival’s Facebook page.


The musical duo, very popular in Cuba since their 2004 debut, announced their participation at the Festival, as part of a tour across Europe and Latin America.

Organized by Cuban musician Jorge Luis Robaina, Karamba band leader, and with the support of important Cuba’s institutions, ‘A Bridge to Havana’ Festival will be held from April 26 through May 10.

During last edition, the Spanish duet, Andres Morales and Lucas Gonzalez, performed with a very good acceptance by several provinces of Cuba, where they sang well-known songs from their repertoire, as well as promoting their most recent album, entitled ‘Nueva Vida.’ (Prensa Latina)