Almost three thousand Cubans stranded abroad returned to Havana

Havana, May 23.- In the last two months, almost three thousand nationals stranded in other countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic returned to Cuba, sources from that country’s Foreign Ministry said today.

The general director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad, Ernesto Soberón, specified in his Twitter account that the number of compatriots who have returned from 26 countries amounts to two thousand 904.

In a publication in which he shared images of Cubans in the United States preparing to return to their homeland, the diplomat assured that the consulates continue to work to bring the rest.

During this day, the arrival of two charter flights of the World Atlantic airline, from Miami, Florida, is planned, in which residents of the island travel, who were detained in the United States because of the SARS CoV-2.

According to a note from the Caribbean nation’s mission in Washington, this operation is the result of coordination efforts in the last two weeks between the American and Cuban authorities.

‘The Cuban Embassy will continue to contact its compatriots, who are still stranded for various reasons in the United States, for possible return flights that may be coordinated in the future’, added the communication.

The airline will ensure compliance with sanitary measures to minimize the risks of contagion, the message detailed, which also urged to maintain social distance and the use of the mask, among other safety regulations.

As the Cuban Government has ordered, upon arrival in the country all passengers will go to isolation centers, where they must remain for 14 days. (Prensa Latina)