[:es]Alicia Alonso Honored with Ballet Inspired by Shakespeare’s Work (+Photos)[:]


Havana, June 30 .-British choreographer Cathy Marston is preparing in Havana the staging of a ballet inspired by a work by William Shakespeare, with which she will pay tribute to the absolute prima ballerina Alicia Alonso.


From the English playwright, the chosen piece is The Tempest, with a complex plot and a main character of great talent and dramatic strength.

Marston will turn the original protagonist of the theatrical composition, Prospero, into a female counterpart in honor of Alonso, the leading figure of ballet in Cuba and one of the great myths of world dance.

Choosing this creation by Shakespeare means a lot to me; when I thought about it I matured very well the ideas to suggest something about this nation, because the plot takes place on an island; moreover, because it is very extensive, I had to reduce the cast, said the British choreographer, who lives in Switzerland.

Prospero symbolizes a magician who makes everything that exists in this place surrounded by the sea; like an island full of music and dance; I immediately concentrated on Alicia, creator of magic around the Cuban National Ballet and around the dancers, she stressed.

The piece, based on The Storm, features other strong characters in the plot such as Ariel, Ferdinando and Miranda, who will take on artists in three different ensembles during the next Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival of Havana, to be held from October 28 to November 6 in this capital.

According to Marston, some of the performers could be Daniela Gomez, as Prospera; Cosme Rodriguez, as Ariel; Adrian Sanchez as Ferdinando; Grettel Morejon as Miranda; and Daniel Rettoles as Caliban.

Ariel represents ideas, dreams, imagination, expressed the artist, while Caliban personifies the earth, symbol of the most solid.

When the play is over, the protagonist asks the audience to applaud and with the ovations to free her from her reign; it is like the last bow on the stage, as if she were in the last stages of an artistic career, she said, referring to the plot.

Miranda embodies the daughter as a continuity of what she has already experienced; the youth who must follow in Prospera’s footsteps, the coreographer added.

According to this choreographer’s point of view, The Storm implies a very natural and sensual dance, because her story represents love, and she would like to achieve a body of dance that makes magic on stage when something so wonderful is created.

Precisely for dancing it, I trusted the Cubans who have something in their bodies which creates more rhythmic movements, even if they are classical dancers,’ Marston remarked.

She is visiting Cuba for the third time and has expressed his passion for the island on each occasion.

Previously I came to take part in a film; then I worked with Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (Cuban Contemporary Dance) and now I’m back as a guest of the National Ballet,’ she told Prensa Latina.

This British dancer created choreographies for companies such as the Royal Ballet of London, the San Francisco Ballet of the United States and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens of Montreal.


(Prensa Latina)