[:es]Uniting wills: the main task for youth in Santa Cruz del Sur[:]

[:es]The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) was an organization for young people since the beginning. Its members in this town want to remain like this.

Rookie farmer Yurbani López Cedeño, as an efficient contributor of milk, reflected about the role of new generations at the base structures of the historical organization created by Commander in Cheaf Fidel Castro Ruz.

“It is about to be joint, uniting wills, to assume the positions in the comittees base having experienced partners´ support. It is easier to look for excuses than accepting responsabilities. To youth is deserved the role to assume new and bigger committments”, pointed out the worker of Cándido González Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS).

Doctor Yisel Martínez Lezcano is studying to obtain a higher digree, General Medicine speciallized Doctor (MGI). She is the one in charge of consulting room 7 of the family program. She attends 957 patients.

“I owe to them to take care and improving their life quality. At the same time I´m an unrestless member of the comittee, wishing to keep cleanning and hygiene in this area.

Citizens are concious about the risk, that is why they help to avoid the presence of Aedes Aegypti”, she said.

Norisbel Arias Hernández is a teacher at Mártires de Vietnam primary school, she is going to have a child by caesarean section today.” I will have my second boy. I desisted trying to have a girl. I wish to be well to come back to my loved profession.” 

This friendly resident of La Vigía community, in Cándido González town became a member of CDR when she was 14 years old.

“I keep the memory of this day in my heart. I participated in activities organized in my neighborhood since I was a child. I will educate my sons to feel love towards Revolution, being good students, good members of the organization because we are all Fidel”

Defending our conquers with discipline, fighting against the northamerican blockade, participating in general elections of People’s Power, keeping popular vigilance in each neighborhood, among others, are current duties.[:]