Education Congress Pedagogy 2015 Opens Doors in Havana

Education Congress Pedagogy 2015 Opens Doors in HavanaHavana, Cuba, Jan 26.- The 16th Pedagogy 2015 International Congress is opening doors Monday in Havana with the participation of over 2 500 delegates from 30 countries.

The Congress, which aims at the unity of educators, includes courses and an exhibit by companies in the sector offering teaching services and materials.

Participants will exchange ideas during forums, round tables and lectures that are part of the event´s scientific program and they will also visit local education and cultural centers.

Civil education and the development of social values, as well as scientific education in today´s world, along with high-quality education are among the main topics on the event´s agenda.

Representatives of international organizations and personalities like Brazilian theologian Frei Betto are scheduled to give key-note lectures at the Pedagogy Congress. (ACN)