Cuban Doctors will Offer Medical Services in Brazil

Cuban Doctors will Offer Medical Services in BrazilHavana, Cuba, Aug 25.- Cuba's Public Health Ministry signed a cooperation agreement with the Pan-American and the World Health organizations to provide the Federative Republic of Brazil with basic medical services. The accord is part of South-South Cooperation.

The agreement stipulates the arrival this weekend in Brazil of 400 Cuban doctors, who make up of a 4-thousand-member contingent scheduled to be in that nation by late 2013, reads a communique issued by the Cuban Public Health Ministry.

In Brazil, the Cuban doctors will work under the international cooperation project maintained by the Cuban Public Health Ministry with 58 countries of different continents, where the members of several medical missions organized by the Ministry maintain their labor, salary and social security relationship to the Cuban health system.

The motivation of the Cuban Public Health Ministry and of the doctors who decide to go to Brazil is based on reciprocal interest of both nations, solidarity and friendship with the Brazilian people and on the willingness to offer medical services in those places where it is most needed, as it has been the case over the past 50 years of medical cooperation, concludes the communique.(ACN)