Cuban Economy, the case of the Five in Solidarity Meeting in Peru

Abancay, Peru, Aug 17. -The 14th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba will have a busy day today with a plenary and discussions by various commissions after a successful opening.

Delegates from all Peruvian regions and Cuban guests will gather in a plenary session which will begin with a presentation of Elizabeth Palmeiro, wife of Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned for 15 years and unjustly convicted for political reasons in the United States.

Palmeiro will make a presentation on the case, after which her compatriot, economist Gladys Hernandez, will speak on updating the Cuban economic model.

The international movement of solidarity with Cuba will be subject to the presentation of Yeninaira Cardenas, representative of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, and the coordinator of the Peruvian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, Francisco Valles will expose a work report.

The commissions work will be dedicated to the issues of the U.S. blockade against Cuba and Washington's media campaign against the Caribbean country, and the struggle for free the Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the United States.

Other commissions will discuss the role of youth in solidarity with Cuba and its organization.

The meeting was opened last night in a jubilant ceremony at the House of Culture of Abancay, with assistance from provincial mayor, Noah Villavicencio, the regional governor (central government representative), Maria Rosado, and Ambassador of Cuba, Juana Martinez.(Prensa Latina)