Solidarity Forum Asks Peru to Ratify Support of Cuba against US Blockade

Solidarity Forum Asks Peru to Ratify Support of Cuba against US BlockadeHavana, Cuba, Aug 20.- The government of Peru must ratify at the United Nations its historic stance against the US blockade of Cuba, reads a declaration of the 13th National Encounter in Solidairty with Cuba, held in the Peruvian city of Chiclayo.

The document condemns the criminal US policy and calls on the Peruvian Foreign Ministry to maintain its traditional position in favor of the lifting of the economic, financial and commercial siege of the Caribbean nation.

The declaration calls on the international community to again express its almost unanimous rejection of the US blockade at the next UN General Assembly session that will take place over the next few weeks.

The forum invites all Peruvian citizens to send President Barack Obama email messages demanding the end of the over-50-year US policy, which the declaration describes outrageous and irrational action and an economic warfare activity aimed at strangling and isolating Cuba.

The document explains that the US’s hostile Cuba policy has inflicted the island over 900 billion dollars; however, it has not managed to force the Cuban people to yield. “The blockade has not prevented Cuba from being a leading country in the fields of education, healthcare, scientific research, arts and sports, reads the declaration. (ARadio Cadena Agramonte)