Sanction of UNASUR buried Paraguayan Hopes in OAS

Sanction of UNASUR buried Paraguayan Hopes in OASAsuncion, Aug 15.- The ratification of the sanctions inposed by UNASUR to the Paraguayan government, widely released here today, seemed to bury all hope of achieving the desired OAS support to the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo.

All press stressed the agreement of the High Level Group of the integrationist bloc that recognized the existence of violations of political freedoms and human rights carried out especially against those opposite to the government of Federico Franco.

The new UNASUR agreement was in fact a confirmation of the many complaints made by social organizations across the country focused on the Social Forum Paraguay Resist being held from Tuesday in Asuncion.

In this context emerged approaches to mass layoffs of Lugo's supporters in various workplaces, threatened closure of public television, evictions of landless peasants and even agreements with multinational entities for the delivery of national wealth.

In addition, from the political point of view, it constituted a serious setback to the abovementioned hope cherished by the Executive to meet with U.S. assistance, a resolution at the next meeting of the OAS to justify the judgment that Lugo pulled of his charge.

The Foreign Minustry and Franco himself expressed confidence that, in the event next August 22, will approve the report on the Paraguayan situation prepared by the secretary general of the organization, José Miguel Insulza, justifying the so-called parliamentary coup.

However, the president of UNASUR, the Peruvian Salomon Lerner, was clear stressing that the ratification of the sanctions rules out any possibility of a consensus in favor of Asuncion in the next session of the OAS, despite the interest of Washington to that effect, judgment supported by Brazil. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)