Angola and Israel Advocate to Strengthen Cooperation

Luanda, Aug 1.- The governments of Angola and Israel ratified in Tel Aviv that they will strengthen the links between both countries, television media said today.

After receiving the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Chicoti, the Israeli President Shimon Peres said that strengthening these linkages should be based on the fields of science and technology, economy and security.

Peres also said that Angola has a rich potential of mineral wealth to be exploited for sustainable development.

On his part, the Angolan chancellor expressed the goal of his three-day visit to Jerusalen is to continue with the bilateral cooperation in health, agriculture, science and technology and the formation of Angolan experts.

On the other hand, Chicoti also highlighted the peace agreements passed in previous years between Israel and Palestine, and he wished both parts consolidate steps in that sense.

According to the agenda foreseen, Chicoti will separately meet with the minister of Energy and Waters, Uzi Landau, and with African ambassadors accredited in Israel. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)