Vertientes: Summer Cultural Project Reaches Rural Communities

Vertientes: Summer Cultural Project Reaches Rural CommunitiesVertientes, Camagüey, Jul 24.- The summer cultural project underway in several rural communities along the municipality of Vertientes, some 26 km south-west of the city of Camagüey, entrenches as a recreational option highly demanded by the population of this area where economy relies mainly on sugar production.

Made up of members of the Jose Marti Art Instructors’ Group, amateur artists and technical work force of the Culture system, this detachment banks on a representation of the artistic expressions developed in town.

Among these expressions we have theater, dance, visual arts, music and magic; the latter favoring direct interaction with an audience of all ages.

Twice a week, this movement has fascinated locals throughout the population settlements of the People's Councils of Manantiales, Ruta Invasora, Batalla de las Guásimas and Panama.

During July and August, the artistic group “Summer for more in Vertientes” is supposed to carry out some 30 presentations, relying on the support of every district’s community groups.

Experience on similar events previously held is also a fact taken into consideration for the making of the program, which is one out of 700 proposals scheduled by the directorate for Culture in the municipality for this summer season. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).