Cuba to Face Dominican Republic in Baseball World Cup

Chirtré, Panama, Oct 3. -The Cuban baseball team on Monday will face its counterpart of the Dominican Republic at the Rico Cedeño Stadium, in the second date of the 39th AIBA World Cup.The starter pitchers will be two right-handers: Cuban Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and Dominican Willy Lebron.

All Dominican batters are dangerous, very experienced and top-quality players, they are all well known and concentration is the only success chance one can rely on, Gonzalez told Prensa Latina on Monday.

The two pitchers already faced each other a year ago at the World Cup Qualifying tournament, and back then Lebron was not only the game winner but also a key element while leading his team for the title.

Cubans has faced Dominicans in 25 World Cup games, including 20 victories and 5 defeats.

The Team Cuba, current runner-up world champion, made its debut at the 39th World Cup after winning over Australia 14-0, while the Dominican Republic defeated Italy 7-0 also in its first game of the competition. (Prensa Latina)